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A leading global specialist in the field of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission programs and carbon markets.

Zimmfor is committed to helping our client's carbon projects. Carbon is a naturally occurring substance that is being released at increased rates due to human activities (i.e., burning fossil fuels). Forests provide a positive impact in capturing and storing carbon also known as sequestration. Photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide into carbon which is stored in the tree and oxygen which is released into the atmosphere. The amount of carbon stored within a forest varies depending on the age, growth, species, and management activities. The end uses of timber after harvesting continue to store carbon depending on their use (i.e., plywood, wood pellets, lumber, and paper). The carbon projects are focused on being carbon negative meaning the forests lands and products post-harvest are removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than are being emitted. It is important for global forest companies to spend time developing carbon projects as they are doing their part to monitor climate change impacts on the environment. Below are some projects that Zimmfor is managing.

Carbon Projects

Zimmfor supports organizations, individual landowners and asset managers by identifying optimal CO2-compensation methods tailored to individual projects

Stakeholder Consultation Information

Zimmfor welcomes input from stakeholders regarding ongoing Carbon initiatives.

Stakeholder Consultation Feedback

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Stakeholder Grienvance

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Initial Assessment Reports

Fit & Proper Test

Prior to initiating a carbon project we will complete a Fit and Proper Test that will create a detailed strategy for your project. This will include the approximate number of credits you should expect to generate, the risks and challenges associated with your project and an overall plan for project implementation.

Design & Model

Upon your approval of the Fit and Proper Test we will complete the modelling and technical reports required to register and monitor your project. GreenRaise professionals will support you by completing all necessary assessments, biomass inventories and baseline scenario modelling required for your project.