Zimmfor Due Diligence and Legality Services

Systems to support responsible procurement programs that meet legal requirements 

We develop customized management systems to support responsible procurement activities that meet the legal requirements for all applicable countries that your company sources from. This includes country specific audit checklists that can be used to conduct inspections of various suppliers to demonstrate due diligence and legality related to your company purchase policies and commitments.

Our Services

Supply Chain Risk Assessments

Corporate level risk assessments that examine your specific company supply chains and determine risk levels associated with your procurement program.

Supply Management Systems

Development of integrated management systems that consider your current business practices but also address identified risks associated with your procurement program.

Audit Checklists

Customized audit checklists for your specific supply chain that can be used to conduct field verification audits and provide due diligence..

Field Verification Audits

Experienced auditors to complete field verifications of your supply chain to support due diligence programs.