Zimmfor Services

  • Systems + Certifications
    Specializing in management systems that are developed in support of certification schemes.
  • Due Diligence & Legality
    Business specific assessments and development of key controls to ensure procurement activities are in compliance with applicable legal requirements.
  • Resource and Project Management
    We have the experience, knowledge and relationships that are essential to finding solutions.
  • Training Programs
    Staff have specialized training, allowing us to provide resource sector training in a number of areas.

    E-learning options available

About Us

We are committed to serving and supporting all levels of the industry and have the knowledge, experience and relationships to ensure that our clients’ needs are met in a cost effective manner.

Our approach ensures that clients receive management systems that are easily understood by employees, are readily implemented and can be managed by client staff with minimal effort and cost.

We have the training, field experience, business acumen and industry
relationships to effectively deliver a wide range of services, from small scale projects to tenure acquisition and management, and everything in between.